Electro-Surveys infrared thermal imaging

What is infrared thermal imaging?

Infrared thermal imaging is widely accepted as a fast and cost-effective form of preventative maintenance - almost any condition can be detected long before a breakdown occurs, saving costly downtime and cost of defective equipment.

Applications include :

  • electrical equipment and installations
    • HV transmission and switchgear
    • LV switch and control gear
    • printed control boards etc
  • kilns, ovens etc
    • thermal profiling
    • refactory breakdown etc
  • mechanical equipment
    • bearings and couplings
    • steam traps, valves etc
  • buildings
    • missing or faulty insulation
    • heating systems
    • concealed water or steam leaks
  • insulation and pipework
    • blocked pipes
    • concealed leaks
    • insulation failure

What we offer :

  • visit your premises and conduct a survey using our state-of-the-art, specialised equipment
  • a detailed report, which may be configured to suit your requirements, to detail the issues and steps required is produced

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